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The founding partners of AB-INITIO Property Partners have proven during their career that they are leaders respected by the business community, notably thanks to their high level of professionalism in the management of business affairs.

The experienced staff of AB-INITIO Property Partners has been rigorously selected and is respecting the same level of professionalism, which is part of the DNA of our firm.


At AB-INITIO Property Partners, we believe that teamwork allows people to share experience, bring new ideas and finally build strong business cases together.

With the complementarity of its profiles and its extensive network of business relationships, AB-INITIO Property Partners is able to cover a large range of capabilities, allowing to achieve successful results.


We aim at developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our business partners. To this end, we create genuine partnerships with investors.

By co-investing in projects we set-up, design and manage, we ensure a fair alignment of interests and a fair sharing of profits.


At AB-INITIO Property Partners, we are fully transparent on the remuneration of our services.

As the level of risk and the associated return on investment of a project depend on the type, complexity and costs components of a project, we are convinced that transparency is a key driver for building sustainable and optimal investment relationships.

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