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Our goal is to assist our clients who wish to invest in real estate.

AB-INITIO Property Partners is a Luxembourg dedicated company, offering partnerships to investors attracted by the Luxembourg Real Estate market.  Based on an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the entire real estate life cycle, AB-INITIO Property Partners sets up, designs and manages real estate projects for co-investors.

AB-INITIO Property Partners was founded by seasoned professional advisers who worship business ethics in our partnership with clients.

The founding partners of AB-INITIO Property Partners have been active for the past 20 years in Luxembourg, developing a large network of contacts in the international and Luxembourg real estate industry. They advised numerous Luxembourg and international real estate investment funds, asset managers and real estate developers in the structuring and optimization of their operations. The experienced staff of AB-INITIO Property Partners has been active for the past 12 years in Luxembourg, managing a significant part of a large and diversified real estate portfolio.

The founding partners of AB-INITIO Property Partners have been investing for many years in various ventures and real estate projects in Luxembourg and abroad. As we believe in each and every project we set-up, we are always eager to co-invest in these projects.

We deliver a one-stop-shop type of approach, starting ab-initio with the design of the investment strategy, the sourcing of the deal and the structuring of the investment. We then take care of the management of the asset during the whole period of the investment, till and including exit.

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